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another awesome edit♥♥♥
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His and Her Letters - By Kim Hyunjoong



His and Her Letters

Hello, Jungmin-ssi.
Before I knew, I became 36 years old already.
I… mmmm……
Since I debuted when I was 20, 16 years have already passed.

Thinking of it now, it’s quite funny.
It was when I was a kid that I met you.. I mean.
The day Jungmin-ssi first met me..
That was June 8th, one summer day.

It was my first day of debut
and Jungmin was a girl from Ilsan.

I was so nervous that I said I’m going to bathroom
and went to the bathroom but the performance was at night
so I had to walk into a dark corridor.

And then I had to keep walking in the dark
and Jungmin-ssi’s skin was really black
so I thought there wasn’t anyone and ended up kissing you.

I think that’s when Jungmin-ssi started following me around.

It’s really… a weird fate, isn’t it??

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that hair

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kibum photobombing taemin

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