When I go back to analyze sehun and Luhan’s recent moments or interactions, i get the feeling that my baby sehun acts so mature, and that he really tries his best to stay away from luhan. Usually it’s luhan coming over to him, trying to interact and most of the times sehun doesn’t give in, it really is luhan the one trying. Aside from the moments in Japan where sehun initiated that they make the heart, and the fact that he seemed a little more comfortable with luhan, while luhan on the other hand looked a bit shy around sehun. This is just my opinion but it could be sehun pushing luhan away. Perhaps at one point luhan pushed him away, and now sehun just doesn’t feel as close to him. Not too mention the moments they do have, even in showtime they are always awkward around each other. Always careful not to get too close to each other, not to look at each other, if they do, the other looks away. Taohun are nothing like that, neither are xiuhan. Both pairs are really open to each other and will hug or interact with each other rather easily. Hunhan however, feel like they want to, but can’t. Why? Because they feel this undeniable attraction towards each other, that even though they want to be around each other they can’t because maybe they will show a little bit too much of what they feel… All I know is sehun might look at Tao with a smile on his face and he might always be around Tao, but he looks at luhan with a desire to want to be around him, a look that’s reserved only for luhan, a “I’m too scared to look at you because I might not be able to look away” look. And honestly I feel like luhan feels the same way. I feel as though they are both just playing it on the safe side. I know that no matter who they are close to now, what they had at point is real and real is not something you can easily forget.

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Jongtae / SWClll in south america - Fave moments

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20 sehun x luhan moments - mama era to present (for anonymous)

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With the recent influx of sexy concepts within the K-pop industry, many K-pop fans have more or less involuntarily slipped into the concept of slut- and body-shaming. This post is not trying to point at any of the people who said negative things - but much rather a reminder that statements like those are absolutely not okay. It’s an appeal to you not to think like maybe your bias does. Everyone makes mistakes, we learn with time. But next time you see a girl group dancing in revealing clothes or a picture of a female idol who put on some weight, think twice before you post a comment. Misogyny is a very real thing in K-pop, so don’t be a part of it!

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